A new way to save on car gasoline

For people who have a car, gas expenses, insurance, among others, are sometimes a source of concern. They like to travel in their own car but sometimes it is inevitable to have to give up certain tastes to pay for some expenses that the car demands.
However, a new custom that is becoming very popular in different countries is car sharing. It does not mean that several people will get together to buy a car, but that those who have a car and live nearby, agree to share the trips.

How does it work

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You can apply this system both with coworkers who live nearby and with neighbors or friends who live or work near you. Each person uses their car for a week and the fuel is shared among everyone. That is, everyone travels comfortable and saves on gas. It is not necessary to do it every day of the week, for example, they can agree to do it only on Mondays, only one-way trips to work or vice versa. The next week, another person will be the one to use your car and so on.

The idea is that in this way there is a considerable saving in gasoline that can be used to cover other expenses. In addition, you also give your body a rest by not driving some days of the week.

It should be noted that all those who put their car

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must have all the respective papers and be protected in case of an accident, that is, have a LOIN that is not expired, vehicle insurance with good coverage, among others.

If you dare to try this system but your car is not insured yet, first compare the vehicle insurance on the market , choose the one that suits your pocket and ready, you will not risk having problems.


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