Bank discounts on baby loans

Applying for a baby loan has begun on July 1st, and several banks have announced that they are expecting couples who are seeking a discount. Here is a summary of the most important information.

How can banks’ offers to differ?


The regulation applies equally to all claimants, so the initial installment is the same for all credit institutions during the interest-free period. Credit institutions, on the other hand, may offer additional promotions to young spouses in addition to the benefits of the regulation, and several banks are using this opportunity.

If you would like to know the most important differences between banks in terms of baby loans, we recommend this article, here is a summary of all the important information.

Good Finance Bank offers various discounts

Good Finance Bank offers various discounts

Good Finance Bank must apply for baby loans between July 1 and September 30, 2019, and must be disbursed by October 31 to be eligible for the bank’s benefits.

$ 50 credit

Discount terms:

  • a loan amount of at least HUF 3,5 million and a maturity of 120 months,
  • the debtor undertakes to transfer his income to an account opened with Good Finance Bank.

Release of account fee


The bank shall release the monthly customer relationship fee related to the Good Finance Single Account Fee Package opened for the debtor and the debtor for a period of 2 years from the date of disbursement of the baby loan. The claimant must undertake to receive income from Good Finance Bank.

If the debtor and the debtor have not previously had a bank account with Good Finance Bank and they both open a Good Finance Single Account, they will receive a discount of HUF 10,000. It is also a condition that the couple’s income should be received by Good Finance Bank.

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