First loans for free – ranking of the best companies.

There are several dozen different cash loan companies operating on the Polish financial market. However, not all offer their clients the first short-term loan absolutely free. However, it is known that such lenders are very popular and attract thousands of customers. Which companies are among the best in this matter? Loans for free – this is our ranking.

What is a loan for free?

What is a loan for free?

New offers appear on the market of non-bank financial institutions almost every day. Competition is high, that’s why companies are trying to make their proposals the best for the client. Therefore, a loan for free is already becoming the standard. This is a promotion addressed to new customers. In return for using a specific offer, we receive a rebate on the repayment costs from the lender. Loans for free guarantee us APR equal to 0%. This means that we give back exactly as much as we borrowed. The free loan eliminates not only interest, but also such fees as: commission, preparation fee and others. It is important to remember that with subsequent applications all costs return to normal. Below are the best free loans according to our specialists.

First loan for free

First loan for free

The first loan for free is an offer addressed exclusively to new clients of a given loan company. As a permanent borrower, we will be able to incur a higher amount, but it will be subject to standard repayment terms. As already mentioned, the free loan assumes that the APRC will be equal to 0%. That is why it is worth explaining what this abbreviation actually means. This is the Actual Annual Interest Rate. It represents the total cost of our commitment as a percentage. Be careful not to confuse this indicator with RSO, which only reflects the amount of interest. What is the difference? It is easy to show this on the example of the first loan for free promotion.

Online loans for free

Online loans for free

We will show the difference between the APRC and RSO on the example of the MoneyMan offer.

Free online loan : A free online loan assumes an APR equal to 0%, which means that when you borrow 1000 zlotys for 30 days, after a month we give back exactly the same and no more zlotys.

Standard Conditions:

Under standard conditions, when the APRC would be equal to 1906.39%, we would pay PLN 1283.91, including both the commission of PLN 250.80 and the amount of interest PLN 13.11.

If the RSO was 0%, then we would be exempt from paying interest, but the commission would still apply. This means that by incurring PLN 1,000 per month, the interest would be PLN 0 and the commission would be PLN 250.80.

As you can see in the examples above, the difference is big. We don’t lose anything by using an online loan for free. We can only gain additional funds. If we are sure that after the end of the loan period we will be able to repay the money received once, it would be a shame to miss the promotion of free loans online.

Online loan for free

Online loan for free

It has not yet been mentioned that a free online loan is a characteristic of payday loans. In the case of installment commitments it is difficult to find such an offer. The exception may be the abovementioned MoneyMan, where repayment can be split into two parts paid once a month to the lender’s account. However, it cannot be hidden that this is not a typical long-term offer. An online loan for free will be suitable for people who will be able to accumulate a refund amount in such a short time.

How to choose the right offer? There is no denying that free online loans are a very attractive promotion. However, before we decide to use it, we should carefully analyze your home budget. To receive the amount that we are able to spend on paying the liability, compare the amount of monthly income and expenses. If the received amount allows us to repay the payday loan freely, we can confidently use it. Otherwise, we should think about spreading the commitment in installments. A free online loan will also be a good option for those who have suffered from a temporary financial crisis.

A loan for PLN 0 at Hypocredit

A loan for PLN 0 at

This well-known brand in Poland was one of the first to encourage people with excellent conditions of concluded contracts. It is a kind of model for all its successors. He also keeps his promises all the time. The possibility of getting cash for free is still very popular. It is equally important that the service is very easily available. All you need to do is choose what amount we want and determine the time needed for repayment. There is nothing simpler. Another facilitation is the option of extending the time needed to pay the debts. It can also be useful. No wonder that many have already decided to take advantage of Hypocredit’ offer. Now they have up to PLN 3,000 and can receive a voucher to use on the website

First loan for free at Lenderspo

First loan for free at

Lenderspo is another proposal enjoying great trust of customers. Allows access to the amount of PLN 2,500. The loan application is processed in just 20 minutes. That’s the average amount of time you have to wait for feedback on whether you can apply for the desired amount. Many also answer that the payback time is 45 days. So you can be calm if you can handle the challenge. This is great news for those who want to build their financial credibility. The loan described here is the best way to ensure that the first positive post about us appears on your BIK account.

Loans for free available at Metloan

Loans for free available at

From the very beginning, Metloan advertised as the second portfolio of each of us. Thus, he developed the opinion of one that allows you to quickly and easily get the funds you need. It really is, because it allows you to take your first loan for free. An amount of up to PLN 2,000 is available to the interested party. It is very convenient, because this type of financial injection is often useful in the case of emergency expenses. Therefore, it is difficult not to take advantage of such good opportunities. They are extremely profitable and are useful to anyone who lacks a specific amount.

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Loans for free are possible thanks to VedCredit

Loans for free are possible thanks to

The VedCredit website makes borrowing child’s play. The well-designed interface contributes to this. It is thanks to him that all formalities are so intuitive. It is encouraging that a limit of PLN 1,700 has been made available to new customers. This is very much for someone who is using such a financial guarantee for the first time. Many will be pleased to know that the decision to grant funds is made very quickly. You can look for them in your account already 15 minutes after completing all formalities. Good information is also the fact that when deciding on the services of the described lender, we can be sure about the security of our funds.

Loans for free with the help of Texkie

Loans for free with the help of

In the case of Texkie, we can count on help in the form of a loan for PLN 0 granted for a period of 30 days. So we have a full month to settle the backlog. It is equally important that the whole procedure takes only 20 minutes. This is all it takes to find out if we will receive the amount we are requesting. We can borrow PLN 1,500 for free. This is great news for those planning more expenses. Often, you can’t use the help of a family. Getting money with a few mouse clicks is much simpler. It would be a shame not to take advantage of such a good offer. Such happen after all not very often.

Free loans 2017 with the help of Tonga

Free loans 2017 with the help of

Tonga is an offer for all those who trust only those corporations that have a strong market position. The one described here deserved to be called one of the best. Very quickly verifies clients who are seeking financial help. Thus, they can be sure that additional funds will be found in their account extremely quickly. Importantly, the customer does not bear debt collection or writings. The one who returns to the lender can also count on very attractive discounts. Thus, the first loan is only an introduction to the most profitable offers. It is worth remembering, however, that the first one concerns the amount of PLN 1,500. This, however, will fully satisfy everyone who plans to go on vacation or buy a laptop that has been destroyed by a storm.

The offers of lenders offering payday loans for free are extremely profitable. It is worth using them to enjoy the lack of additional costs. Such savings are useful to anyone looking for the best offers on the market.


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