Payday loans for students – what payday fee for students?

For many young people, the study period is years of learning and development, but also events and many meetings with friends. It is at this time that we absorb huge amounts of knowledge and learn new skills. Most people undergo free internships or apprenticeships to gain their first work experience. Therefore, the student’s monthly budget is not very big. It may happen that all monthly expenses exceed us. What to do if we run out of cash? Let’s see if payday loans for students can be a solution to this problem? More of this story:

Payday loans for students – what are payday loans?

Payday loans for students - what are payday loans?

Persons who study extramural or choose paid studies at a private university are required to pay monthly fees as part of the tuition fee. The amount of this fee varies depending on the university and the chosen field of study. In turn, full-time students may also face additional expenses, e.g. when they have to repeat a subject or the whole semester.

Payday loans for students are a way to get extra cash for people who are still learners who do not have a good credit history or stable employment. It cannot be concealed that students are only at the beginning of their careers and have little professional experience, which is why they do not earn a lot of money either. Their monthly budget may sometimes be insufficient to cover all expenses.

Tuition fees for studying, paying rent, meals and personal pleasures cost a lot. And what if unexpected expenses happen to us and there is not enough money to cover all these costs? The student’s modest monthly budget may be too small. Where do you get the money for it? A payday payday for a student may be a good solution . Thanks to additional funds, we will be able to pay for all the previously mentioned items, and the money earned later will be used to pay the liability. Payday such loans for students can be a very good way to podratowanie financial situation in crisis.

Student’s payday loan – how are such payday loans granted?


Payday student is offered only by loan companies. Most students have trouble getting a loan from a regular bank. This is because, in order to receive financial support through the traditional method, many stringent requirements that the bank sets for young people must be met. It is primarily about the required creditworthiness, which includes the need to provide a certificate of permanent source of income – preferably on the basis of an employment contract. Unfortunately, the majority of students work on a casual basis and due to the very limited time and many responsibilities they are not able to take up permanent full-time work. As a result, they do not meet the basic condition, which is why their creditworthiness is unsatisfactory for the bank.

In such a situation, non-bank institutions that offer payday loans for students come to the rescue . It is enough that money is regularly transferred to our bank account, e.g. from a scholarship, to make such payday payable for us. What conditions do we still need to meet? To receive a student payday we must:

  • be an adult
  • have a valid ID card
  • be a citizen of the Republic of Poland
  • have your own bank account
  • have full legal capacity
  • have an active phone number
  • have an email address set up.

These conditions are the basic criteria we must meet to receive payday loans in most loan companies. Other, more detailed premises vary depending on the selected non-bank institution or can be determined individually. All necessary information on the selected payday loan can be found on our lender’s website, or after contacting Customer Service.

Payday loans for students via the Internet – which companies offer payday loans?

Payday loans for students via the Internet - which companies offer payday loans?

Instant payments for students via the Internet are provided by non-bank institutions. Formalities are kept to a minimum, and we can get the money we need within 15 minutes of sending the application. In order for them to reach our account in the promised time, we should have a registered account in the same bank as our lender. Otherwise, the transfer with the payday payment will reach us in accordance with the transfer times in ELIXIR sessions, which are carried out only on business days. This procedure can take up to 2 days, and on weekends we will have to wait until Monday.

Polish borrowers are a group of relatively young people living in larger cities, enjoying life, investing in their education, arranging their first own corner and spending often beyond their means.

Instant cash for an online student in most loan companies is granted for a standard period of 30 days. We can also meet lenders who are more favorable to their clients and offer them a slightly extended repayment period of 45 or even 65 days. To receive online payday loans for students, we must complete the application on our lender’s website. We will do it with the help of any device connected to the network. For this purpose, we can use, for example, our laptop, tablet and even a smartphone. In the application we will have to provide the most important information about us. These will mainly be personal data, contact details and declarations on our monthly revenues and expenses.

If you are wondering where to find payday loans for students, online loan comparison websites can be helpful in searching and making decisions. These are tools that gather in one place the best offers of payday loans available on the market, which match the right solutions in accordance with our needs and possibilities. With each of the presented proposals we will get acquainted with the most important information about the loan and a given company and we will be able to read the opinions of other borrowers who have already used the services of a given lender. With these tips, we will make the right decision and student payday pay will no longer be a problem for us. In turn, if we need extra money for already, below is a table containing the best offers of payday loans for students, taking into account the age from which we can apply for such assistance.

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