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When we turn on the heating – escapes through the window. Therefore, in our Online loan comparator we have proposed to provide you with a new batch of tips to be able to save as much as possible in these cold times.

Christmas is coming, but cold also breaks into our homes and it seems that money

Christmas is coming, but cold also breaks into our homes and it seems that money

The truth is that it is on these dates when we most want to feel the warmth of the home and if you do not have a biomass fireplace at home, you will have to take special care with the electricity or gas bills, because then the dreaded bill arrives .

According to data from the Institute for Diversification and Energy Saving, an agency belonging to the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism, a Spanish household consumes 10,521 KWh per year. To top it off, almost half of that consumption is invested in heating.

Therefore, it is nothing trivial and we should take this matter very seriously.

Therefore, it is nothing trivial and we should take this matter very seriously.

Do you want to know how to save without giving up the heat of your heating? Well, let’s see it, although when you see that an invoice is falling apart, you can always turn to online loans on time and get out of that trance.

  • Put carpets in your house. In fact, carpets prevent heat from escaping through the floor and, in addition, we feel more sheltered from the cold.
  • Purge the radiators. This task should be part of our autumnal routine. Not surprisingly, that accumulated liquid prevents the radiators from working properly. You only need a flat screwdriver and a container to dump the water that comes out of them. By the way, when you perform this small maneuver, be careful not to open the trap excessively, as water would flow out.
  • Maintain a constant temperature. In this sense, we must avoid sudden changes such as suddenly raising the temperature. You better take care to do it because you will also be raising consumption.
  • Do not turn on the heating when we sleep or are not at home. It is obvious that in the first of these situations it is even counterproductive to rest with the heating on, because surely during the night we will pass even heat and even damage the quality of our sleep.
  • P rocura windows close tightly . If your windows are old or no longer close properly, you would do well to replace or fix them as soon as possible, because the heat is surely being lost through the grooves. If it is night, a good option is to lower the blinds.
  • Hang some curtains! This advice is not merely aesthetic, because the curtains help you preserve the heat of your home.
  • Do not cover the radiators with clothes you intend to dry . Not surprisingly, this practice results in greater energy consumption and heat loss.
  • We live in a country that enjoys many hours of sunshine a year . Therefore, welcome the sun rays that enter through your window. They can help you, you don’t know to what extent, to heat your house, so choose to reserve your heating for a better occasion.
  • It is advisable not to exceed 21º C per day . If you exceed that temperature, you will generate dryness in the airways and skin. In addition to some uncomfortable contrasts between the exterior and interior of your home that only cause colds and discomfort. To top it off, heating spending increases by 7% for each additional grade. So restrain the horses.
  • Go warm at home . We do not tell you to put on your coat and gloves, but that you are minimally dressed – like a sweater or sweatshirt – and do not insist on walking with a thin shirt to then pounce on the thermostat to put the house at 24 º.
  • Read books or, at least, buy yourself a good bookshelf and fill it with novels! This last tip can be funny, but the paper is a great insulator. So if you like reading, don’t forget to fill your library walls. They will give you a lot of heat.

Online loans to pay the heating bill

Online loans to pay the heating bill

We hope that you follow all our tips together, but if despite your efforts you can not straighten the direction of that electricity or gas bill, do not worry because we have small online solutions very fast and simple.

In this sense, in our comparator you will find a varied list of online loans that you can apply for at any time and place whenever you are undermined by a need for money.

Of course, we remind you of the conditions to apply for a loan online:

  1. The applicant must be between 18 and 75 years old – although some companies like ‘How good’ speak of 85 years.
  2. Have a bank account where you can deposit the requested money.
  3. DNI / NIE

Luckily, the procedures to obtain this online loan are substantiated without questions and in a quick and simple way through the internet. Not surprisingly, in just 15 minutes you will know if he has granted you the fast credit.

Of course, ensure that your heating system is, in addition to being efficient, the most economical. If this is not the case, consider moving to a more friendly heating with your pocket and with the planet such as boilers and biomass stoves. An entire investment that heats and that, in addition, takes great advantage with our savings.

From our online loan comparator, we expect the electricity or gas bill to be reduced considerably with these savings tips.

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